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Multichannel Customer Solutions

Keeping hyper-focused on revenue-generating activities is how companies continue to
grow year after year. And our business is built specifically to help you stay focused on
those mission-critical tasks.

At Teccer Cole Pines LLC, we can help free up time and space within your organization by handling many facets of your business operations and by managing your customer support from top to bottom, access the globe, in over 30 languages.

We can help you keep focused on growth by tackling tasks such as:

  • Analyze your company’s operations and look for
    streamlining and efficiency opportunities
  • Create custom-tailored solutions to your business needs,
    based on that analysis
  • Initiate a strategic implementation of the newly agreed
    upon processes and protocols
  • Research, locate, and recruit the top employee types for
    your operational needs
  • Manage all levels of operations to ensure all
    performance targets are met
  • Analyze phone recordings to audit and optimize scripts
    and staff performance

In this day and age, consistency of messaging and ease of access is very important in keeping your customers satisfied and loyal over the long term. To that end, we offer a suite of customer solutions including:

  • Multichannel Customer Support;
  • Multilingual Customer Support
  • Remote Technical Services;
  • VIP Customer Care Services;
  • Customer Success Management
  • Social Media Management;

In these ever-changing times a simple Tweet, YouTube video, or Facebook live can spread a single person’s message like wildfire out to hundreds of thousands or even millions of people within hours. That’s why it’s all the more critical to your company and brand reputation that you offer premium class customer support. Here at Teccer Cole Pines LLC our omnichannel presence and top-flight staff can help ensure that your customers are serviced quickly and efficiently, resolving potential problems before they even happen.

We act as a seamless conduit between our operations and customer support services and your organization to ensure top CSAT levels. With our multichannel and multilingual services, you can rest assured your customers will feel appreciated and supported, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

Our client list is a who’s who of elite technology companies, eccomerce and retail service providers that contract their operations and customer support to our highly skilled and knowledgable staff. Click the button below to discuss your company’s specific needs right away.

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